“I am very thankful for the quality of service with Mobility Express. Cindi goes above and beyond the call of duty for her “extended family” as she’s calls her customers. Mobility Express gives a sense of freedom to people with limited ability and they are a local company #SupportLocal. You made my late husband a very happy man every time you picked us up. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Lucie H.
Moncton, NB

“There is nowhere on God’s green earth that you will ever find anyone better, personally or business-wise. I have been travelling with them for years.”

Byron C.
Moncton, NB

“I am based in Houston, Texas and travel to Moncton several times a year for business meetings. I am a wheelchair user. For my mobility needs in NB, Mobility Express continues to provide stellar service. When I think about Mobility Express I think about three C’s that Mobility Express consistently demonstrates. The three C’s are Compassion, Communication, and Consistent. Thanks to Mobility Express for the warm and welcoming Compassion, the excellent and timely Communications, and the Consistent and reliable service.”

Mike W.
Houston, TX

I really love my taxi rides for school. Cindi has the coolest van because my wheelchair fits in the front seat. Cindi is the best driver and makes my joyride fun. She does a good job taking me to and from school.”

“Thank you for all you do. We appreciate you.

Devin, Shelly, & Rob B.
Moncton, NB